101 Rules of Tradeshow Marketing…More Than Just Cargo!

Even though we are a freight forwarding company that does specialize in shipping tradeshow freight (not the design or manufacturing of booths/exhibits), we also consult and like to share tidbits of information to our customers/friends on ways to make your tradeshow experience that much more productive; whether you are just attending show or actually exhibiting yourself!  This was a Twitter post by @TradeShowGuy – Tim Patterson that we really enjoyed and thought you would too…below is an excerpt of the 101 Rules of Tradeshow Marketing and you can find the entire post at

1. The most important thing to determine for each and every show is: What is your objective – for THIS show?

2. The main job of your booth graphics is to grab the attention of a visitor long enough to bring them into your booth to learn more.

3. Look at your exhibit as if standing in a visitor’s shoes and ask: What’s in it for ME?

4. Tradeshow floor selling is chaotic. Sometimes the worst tradeshow sales people are your regular sales people.

5. A crowd attracts a crowd. What can you do to create a crowd at your booth?

6. One media ‘hit’ can make your whole tradeshow. What are you doing to get the media involved?

7. Engage your visitors by asking open-ended questions that relate to your product or service.

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