Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! Why not…

Did you know there is a National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? Well there is and rightfully so since everyone else has a day or week and with over 3.5 million truck drivers in the US delivering the goods we use everyday, why not!!!  It’s next week November 1st, 2009 through November 7th, 2009. Did you also know these 3.5 million professional truck drivers log over 432 billion miles per year and deliver 10.7 billion tons of freight (2007 figure) – that’s 69% of the total US freight tonnage! More on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week can be found here…

Say Cargo Express will be celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week with a BBQ, internal recognition program and more! Everyone should celebrate this week by driving safely and not cutting off a truck driver with a full load!


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