Say Cargo Express – Renewing and Continuing our “Green ” Initiative!

Being in the transportation industry, it’s not always the easiest being “Green”, but years ago here at Say Cargo Express we made this one of strategic initiatives. From simple action steps we have taken like recycling old pallets and not using plastic water bottles to larger steps we have taken like becoming a SmartWay Transport Partner, we pride ourselves as a company on reducing our carbon footprint. Our ultimate goal is to run all of our trucks and ground freight on biofuels like some touring musicians are doing (Jack Johnson and Willie Nelson in particular,

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Say Cargo Express tours J.C. Penney Distribution & Logistics Center, Buena Park, CA!

Today, the Say Cargo Express team was able to tour the 1.1 million square foot J.C. Penney DC and Logistical/Operations Center in Buena Park, CA. It was pretty amazing to see such a well run facility from the management practices to the front line crew who literally handle tens our thousands of cartons a day. With over 80 freight doors for inbound and outbound shipping, warehousing, scan sorting conveyor belts running across the facility to garment hangers running across the ceiling and down into trucks…it was a very impressive operation. And a remarkably clean facility for the amount of floor space they have to manage!

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New Say Cargo Features and Shipping Software Coming Soon!

Wonder where we have all been at Say Cargo Express? I know, I know it has been a few weeks since we have updated our blog and that’s because we have been in some very intensive training on our new shipping-freight software!

Say Cargo Express is a leader in the freight forwarding industry and that means we have to not only be on the cutting edge, but actually on the bleeding edge of technology and integration with our customers in this constantly changing industry. Our new freight software will allow us to stay ahead of that curve and provide a myriad of new benefits to our customers, agents and vendors.

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Say Cargo Express – Real Customer Testimonials!

They say customer testimonials is one of the best way to market your services and build trust with new customers/vendors…well from the comments that have just rolled in on their own the past few months, we think these quotes speak forthemselves about our freight service!
Are you a customer of Say Cargo Express and would like to share your story of how we went above and beyond your shipping expectations, helped beat your shipping budget or helped save the day with your last minute project with a Next Flight Out delivery? We would love to hear from you, e-mail or reply right here!

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