Expedited Ground Shipping – Air Freight Alternatives are Here!

With another air cargo giant going down (this time the actual asset-based airplane cargo company), many are wondering what they can do to get their Next Day or Two Day shipments from point A to point B without using the FedEx and UPS’ of this world; who have again raised their rates to astronimical levels for AIR…well, Say Cargo Express is here to let you know there are answers, much cheaper answers!

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Same Great Prices, Same Great Service in 2011 for Say Cargo Express!

It sound kind of like a boring title for a post, “Same Great Prices, Same Great Service in 2011”, but we couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you! While most shipping/freight companies raised their standard/basic rates starting off in 2011, Say Cargo Express is proud to say our standard rates have continued to be the same once again this year. And although fuel continues to climb, Say Cargo Express is also proud to be well below the 20%-25% industry average!

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